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Retreat Oct. 2023
"Cave of the heart"

It is in the experience of the Heart field that we gain access to wisdom and insights which are not available through the lower dimensions of the mind.
The Heart energy field offers a space for connecting into a deeper awareness of self, enabling you to hold a higher vibrational frequency which supports the embodiment of your soul.

If you want to start living a more soulful life, one which holds greater calm and conscious awareness, it is the Cave of the Heart which will offer you this. The Cave of the Heart is an energetic space which offers a connection to your truest self as a spiritual presence, and it is the portal through which you Create your Life here on Earth.


"There is no separation from Spirit when we work with the Heart space.”


get excited about our PROGRAMME 

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"A retreat to open up tor a more heartcentered and soulful life by developing Stillness & Inner Safety

Meet your spaceholders

Lilah Wolpert - The Multidimensional mother 




Lilah (South Africa) is a Cosmic Seer, a practitioner of multidimensional energetics & healing, and an interspecies communicator, working across dimensional highways.

Her work is to help you remember who you are, a Cosmic being of infinite wisdom, who holds the potential for healing and enhanced wisdom. Her belief is that your Heart is both the centre and seeding point of your Conscious Soul Presence here on Earth and that, by working with this energetic centre you can bring Heaven to Earth.


Her website can be found at and her new initiative of Energetic Health is represented in her personal website to be found at



Celine Boelens - WonderMamas 



Celine (Belgium) is a mother, a life-diver and soul-doula. She supports women through matresence to become the most radiant version of themselves, for themselves in the first instance, and then for their family. The path she prefers to walk is to listen to and understand the communication of body and heart, both of which are great keepers of true wisdom. Celine believes that if you are willing to listen to the wisdom that your body and heart share, then you are able to take ownership and responsibility enabling you to create the life that is in line with your soul purpose.

More info about her you can find here




The main focus of this Retreat is to offer you meditations, practises and wisdom teachings that will assist with the opening, connection to and integration with your Heart field, in order to support a more calm and heart centred approach to your life. It is our hope that this programme also offers you a way to connect deeply with your soul.


As a Healer and Seer, Lilah will take you through visually guided meditations, with the direct intention of connecting into your Spiritual Heart, activating your Cosmic Connection to the Heart of All There Is. She will also be sharing her insights and wisdom teachings on the path of The New Human and what that means for yourself and for the collective evolution of Humanity.


As a Doula, Soula and Energetic Body work specialist Celine creates the space to dive deeper into the understanding of what your body communicates to you. She will assist with how to integrate this framework of the Spiritual Heart, Cosmic Connection, Energetic Heart Field into your daily life. So this retreat becomes beneficial for yourself, your close ones & your daily life.


This work, combined with group healing circles, bodywork and time spent in Nature, will offer you the opportunity for Heart activation and a greater awareness of Self.


It is the most pure self-care gift to yourself when you feel called to heal your body, mind and soul, enabling you to step into a more Spiritually led and conscious life.


Friday 20th October - Introduction to the Cave of the Heart

  • Afternoon: Arrive and settle in

  • Opening Circle with meditation & intention setting


Saturday 21st October - Creating safety, inner stillness and Connection

  • Visually guided meditations to assist with healing and to allow for a connection to the wisdom of your Heart and Soul.

  • Teachings that will facilitate your understanding of the Spiritual Heart Centre and that will offer you the opportunity to understand key concepts of Heart Expansion and connection with your Soul.

  • Somatic body work and dance.

Sunday 22nd October - Integrating the Cave of the Heart into your daily life

  • Visually guided meditations in support of the activation of your Cosmic Heart Centre and the connection to All There Is

  • Teachings that will facilitate your understanding of The New Human, developing wisdom and conscious presence that will allow for a connection to your unique spiritual gifts

  • Meditative space to assist in the development of a sense of calmness and conscious awareness as the foundations for your daily life

  • Somatic body work and group healing


Monday 23rd October - Closing circle 

  • Morning: closing circle & departure 


The Retreat programme includes full accommodation and 3 nourishing meals per day, with morning and afternoon snacks included.


*Please note that the programme may be subject to change should the facilitators feel that new information is available to share. Time will also be made available for a limited number of individual private consultations with either facilitator.

The location

Discover the location 

Our retreat space is at the beautiful property of  Chateau Frandeux. 

Practical Info 


​Friday 20th October 2023 (2pm*) - Monday 23rd October 2023 (11am*) – 3 nights, 2 full days of Retreat work.


Chateau Frandeux - Rue de Pèlerins 4, 5580 Rochefort


  • Early bird discount is available (before June 15th) - €570,-. Standard fee (after June 15th) €645,-

  • The rate is offered for a shared room of 2 people, if you prefer an individual room then please contact us for an adjusted price

  • All inclusive (the price also includes 3 Ayurvedic based meals a day, snacks & beverages)

  • Book early as there are a limited number of spaces available in order to ensure that we can offer personalised and intimate support during your Retreat journey. 

This retreat is open to 

  • All individuals who are in service to others, and would like to understand more of how to work from the Heart centre in order to reduce burnout and low energy levels.

  • Anyone that is interested in learning how to step into a more heart centred way of living in order to enjoy and experience a more soulful life.

  • Individuals who are feeling stressed and out of balance due to their busy lives and personal commitments.

  • Parents or Guardians of children who would like to embrace a more conscious way of parenting, where they understand how to move and act from the Heart Centre.

  • Individuals who find themselves in the “empty nest” phase and are ready to reclaim their life and step fully into their soul purpose, serving humanity for the greater good of all.

Practical info
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